Welcome to Make That Leap Coaching.

Why settle for the life you have rather than the one you really want? If you've been thinking about making changes in your personal and professional life, but haven't been able to make them happen in a sustainable way yet, I can help. As a Life and Career Coach, I know that the key to creating positive, lasting change is discovering new thinking, thinking that leads to powerful new actions, which in turn lead to new results. I know this because, for over 20 years, I've been helping people reach new levels of self-awareness, achievement, and fulfillment.

These positive feelings don't come from what I say to my clients, but from what my clients learn to do through coaching. My solutions-focused approach has helped clients make a wide variety of leaps that include getting into career-advancing degree programs, achieving new fitness goals, becoming company spokespeople, developing closer relationships with friends and family members, starting and growing their business, conceiving and completing creative projects, positioning themselves for promotion, moving to a new location, and changing jobs or professions.

These are the most visible results of our work together. Equally—and often more —valuable to my clients are the weekly leaps of insight that I help them make. With careful coaching, these insights lead them to more effective actions, provide a second way to measure their progress, and reveal how capable they are of making positive change in many areas of their lives. These insights are not only the key to getting them closer to their goals, but also help them build on that momentum throughout our work together, and maintain it for years afterward.

I can help you make that leap to a new level, too. If you like the results of the self-assessment "Are You Ready for Coaching?," contact me for a free consultation to discuss what your goals are and how you can start pursuing them in new ways today.

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